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(Hue City, April 27, 2018) With the agreement of the People's Committee of Thua Thien Hue Province, Hue Monuments Conservation Centre in coordination with IV Com Limited Company held the opening ceremony of “Hue Imperial City’s Historical Information Interpretation Center and the experience of Virtual Reality (VR)-In search of the Lost Royal Palace of Hue " in the East of Thai Hoa Palace, Hue Imperial City (in the framework of the business cooperation between the Hue Monuments Conservation Centre and the IV Com Company Limited cooperating with Korean partner-the UnderDog Studio, with 100% investment capital that is USD 2,124,000 equivalent to VND 48,119,220,000).

In the framework of the plans "Developing services on the basis of enhancing the value of Hue heritages up to 2020" and the "Improving the quality of tourist services at Hue tourist sites in the Complex of Hue Monuments” implemented annually by the Centre; and to meet the needs of visitors to Hue heritage site in the current 4.0 industrial revolution period, Hue Monuments Conservation Centre cooperates with  IV Com Company Limited  to give suggestion on the project and establisement “Hue Imperial City’s Historical Information Interpretation Center-In search of the Lost Royal Palace of Hue ". This will also be good to tourism as well as to the further strengthening and diversity of social resources in the enhancement of Hue’s World Cultural Heritage. The new project wishes to supply the qualified entertainment service to attract tourist to Hue Imperial City, and to create an emphasis in tourist’s trips to the Central of Vietnam. One important part of the project is to do the laser scan all of the constructions of the Complex of Hue Monuments to computerize for the sake of Hue cultural heritage research, preservation and restoration.

“Hue Imperial City’s Historical Information Interpretation Center and the experience of Virtual Reality (VR)-In search of the Lost Royal Palace of Hue"is to provide information for visitors when visiting Hue Imperial City and experience entertainment services using VR technology on the theme of the ancient royal palace helping users to join online games by virtual space and experience interactive services imitating the reality in the Royal Palace of Hue. The attractiveness and newness of this type of service is to create a virtual world of reality and to reproduce in a full, clear and vivid image of the monuments that are remained or have been lost as well as the interesting historical and cultural stories of Hue to tourists. The VR Center is based on VR (Virtual Reality) technology which is the most advanced technology in the world, and the Imperial City is the third to experience the modern technology in the world. This meets with the global trend of tourism in reviving most appropriately the tangible and intangible heritage values of VR technology via building the 4D experience space construction.

The project includes the erection of “Hue Imperial City’s Historical Information Interpretation Center-In search of the Lost Royal Palace of Hue ", with which IV Com is responsible for 100% of the investment capital. The Center is constructed in a modular assembly, flexible in erection and dismantling (if needed), with an area 283.04 m2 with the size (11.6 x 24.4) and the 5-compartment shape. The project is a combination of traditional and modern architecture, the exterior architecture and materials are in harmony with the general landscape of the Imperial City that must agree with the general planning of Hue heritage conservation and enhancement.

The main product of the project is that visitors experience the simulated virtual reality view of the Imperial City through digital film and virtual reality technology equipments at “Hue Imperial City’s Historical Information Interpretation Center -In search of the Lost Royal Palace of Hue ". Coming to VR Center, visitors will have the opportunity to trace back the ancient Imperial City of Hue of 200 years ago through the simulation services as follows:

- VR Simulator - Discovering the majestic beauty of Hue Imperial City with the VR simulator model, with which visitors can see every every corner of the Imperial City from above;

-VR Beacon - Experiencing the most mysterious and unexpected hallucinations by installing the lighthouse signals at the lost buildings with the VR devices will supply visitors basic information and help them see the architectural constructions in the past;

-VR Telescope - The panoramic view of the old imperial city of Hue is in front of visitors with the ancient breath;

-VR Treadmills - Visitors are free to travel around the Imperial City through the virtual space of the treadmill;

 - VR Media Facade - Modern visual and colorful visual feast converge between advanced technology and cultural heritage;

- VR Adventure Hall - Installation of advanced adventure room to help visitors to experience the monuments as well as scenic spots in Hue and Vietnam;

- Experience the cultural festival - Visitors have the opportunity to enjoy the cultural tourism between the modern and the past in the capital city (the old forms of experience in the royal palace, ceremonies concerning to court music dance, etc.).

In addition, classy performances such as the light forest, water music, and holograms will be introduced in the coming years to create new attractions, encourage service development, and create new emphasis for Hue tourism.

The project aims to create a unique tourist product of Hue which will be regularly organized to provide more information and entertainment services through the leading virtual reality technology in Vietnam in the strategic orientation to upgrade and expand the entertainment services for visitors at the Hue heritage site. The effectiveness of the project to visitors with virtual reality technology does not only reflect the economic efficiency, publicity and promotion of Hue cultural values, but is also  a new type popularizing the knowledge of history, culture and architecture to the people, especially young people, who are entering the adulthood, to awake their national pride. This is also a new form of tourism, with which visitor can learn more about the history of the Imperial City, and join interactive games, which will give visitors the useful and enjoyable time.

During the implementation of the project, VR content will be constantly updated to enhance the attractiveness of entertainment services of modern entertainment and good service to visitors to visit Hue Imperial City.



* Project management agency: People's Committee of Thua Thien Hue Province

* Project sponsor: IV Com Limited Company (IV Com Company).

IV Com is a company that specializes in the production of entertainment services using virtual reality technology providing innovative ideas and digital content environments with innovative digital technologies for the future. The company ensures the best graphic designs that match the characteristics of each content by using Unreal Engine 4 and Unity3D Engine to take users deep into a virtual world with interactive devices. With a variety of different device experiences, the company can design and deliver optimal solutions for each content of VR system.

 IV Com was established in Hue in March 2017 to develop virtual reality in Vietnam. The founders of the company have goof experiences in management and of high international level professionals for more than 20 years in the field of film production, 2D animation, 3D animation, effects and lighting. This virtual reality technology has been developed by South Korean company UnderDod Studio, the world's leading developer of IV Com technology and has become one of the smartest and most effective applications in illustrating and promoting the culture, history, education, health, and tourism through the interaction with the virtual environment. This creates real impression to visitors. The company has been ceaselessly striving to improve our contents and techniques to provide customers the best products.

* Agency receiving investment cooperation projects: Hue Monuments Conservation Centre (HMCC)

HMCC was established in June 1982 as an agency under the control of Thua Thien Hue provincial People's Committee, professional guidance of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, and the international consultancy and coordination of the UNESCO National Commission in Vietnam and the UNESCO Office in Hanoi. The Centre has the function of advising and assisting the provincial People's Committee in the management, preservation, restoration and enhancement of Hue cultural heritages such as the Complex of Hue Monuments, Hue Court Music; those of Hue Documentary heritage, for example the Poems on Hue royal architecture; and those of Hue cultural landscapes.

After more than 35 years of construction and development, HMCC has affirmed its leading position in preserving and promoting cultural heritage values throughout the country. The Centre also establishes and promotes effective international cooperation in Hue Cultural Heritage preservation and enhancement. The conservation of Hue heritages is now moving to a stable stage and sustainable development. Especially, the conservation of cultural heritage values has always been closely linked with the process of exploiting, promoting and facilitating the socio-economic development of the province and the Central region, the most highlighted of which are the tourism and service. It is also of great significance in helping tourism become the core economy of Thua Thien Hue Province.

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