7/15/2014 3:10:07 PM
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Discovering more 8 royal decrees in Nguyen dynasty
Recently, Ha Tinh provincial museum has made a survey to discover 08 royal decrees at the Thuong Temple in the central province of Ha Tinh's Nghi Xuan District.

Documents were written in ancient Han characters, decorated with dragon patterns on yellow do (poonah) paper and sealed by kings Thieu Tri (1846), Tu Duc (1850 & 1880), Dong Khanh (1887), Thanh Thai (1890), Duy Tan (1909) and Khai Dinh (1924).

Eight documents are all in good condition and bear the same decorative patterns. High-ranking mandarin To Hien Thanh, born in 1102 in Ha Mo village (today's Dan Phuong District in Ha Noi), was also known as To Dai Lieu.

He passed a royal exam in 1138 and served as a royal mandarin under the reigns of Ly Anh Tong (1133-74) King and Ly Cao Tong King (1175-1209). He was knowledgeable in politics, military and culture. His biggest contributions included reclaiming land in today's northern province of Quang Ninh, and the central provinces of Thanh Hoa and Ha Tinh.

The decree was sealed by Dong Khanh King in 1887, and ordered local people in Cuong Doan Commune (today's Xuan Lien Commune in Nghi Xuan District) to worship mandarin To Hien Thanh as a local saint.


Source: Cinet