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International relations

HMCC always opens its door for international cooperation with a special goodwill. It seeks grants and technical supports from foreign governments, organizations, institutes and universities worldwide. It aims to promote the activities for the restoration and preservation as well as professional training in fields of culture and arts.

The international cooperation for restoration and preservation of Hue monuments have been taken place since 1980s. UNESCO is the first organization starting with these activities in Hue. It is also the one who has provided financial and technical assistances and launched campaigns to call upon international communities in supporting Hue.

In 1981, Mr. Pieer Pichard, an envoy of UNESCO came to Hue for a survey on Hue monuments' state. His mission report later that is over 100 pages provided a concrete proof for a meaningful international campaign launched by UNESCO calling on the assistance of international community for Hue. The campaign resulted in over 10 oversea governments, 26 NGOs and 5 international organizations (including UNESCO, World Heritage Commission, ICOMOS, ICROM, ICCOM) supporting Hue with the amount of nearly USD 2million.

In order to enhance standard as well as ensure authenticity in conservation and restoration of Hue monuments, the Centre has signed cooperative agreements with several prestigious organizations and universities worldwide, for examples: with Showa University (Japan) to survey and research Hue traditional houses; with Waseda University (Japan) to survey,  research and measure Hue monuments in which its utmost target is to research for reconstruction of Can Chanh palace; with Austrian Royal Museum of History in researching, managing and displaying exhibits,…

Through these cooperative activities, many of the Center's staff  have received financial supports by Ford Foundation (America), Waseda University, the Association of Hue's Danish friends,…to participate in oversea short and long-term training courses as well as study trips.

The grand restoration projects supported by international communities could be mentioned here are: Ngo Mon (Japan), Stele House in the Temple of Letters (Association of Hue's French friends), Duyet Thi Duong Royal theatre (CODEV and Association of Vietnam Neo-Arts in French), Quang Duc gate (Vietnam-America Trade Association in  Honolulu, America), Huu Tung Tu (Toyota Foundation, Japan), Minh Lau - Minh Mang tomb (American Express, America), The Mieu temple (Poland),…


HMCC is currently implementing 4 grand projects with the support and cooperation of international partners, including:

+ Project for the safeguarding and promotion of Nha nhac supported by Japan Trust Fund via UNESCO with total budget of 344.900 USD (including corresponding fund from HMCC of 190.000USD and Japan Trust Fund of 154.900USD). The project is implemented from 2/2005-10/2007.

+ Project for joint research, training and restoration of Hue monuments in collaboration with Japan Waseda University with total budget of 4.156.710 USD (including corresponding fund from HMCC of 449.900USD and Waseda University of 3.706.810 USD). Implementation duration from 2005 - 2008.

+ Project for preservation and restoration of Interior fresco paintings in An Dinh palace in collaboration with Leibniz Society, with total budget of 444.810,7 EURO (corresponding fund from HMCC of 89.81,7 EURO and Germany's contribution of 355.000 EURO)

+ Research Project for restoration of the ancient water network inside Hue Citadel supported by JBIC Bank - Japan via UNESCO with implementation duration of March - December 2007.

Following projects are described as a priority in our development strategies for the next few years:    

1. Training for capacity promotion in coping with natural disasters and in management of historic buildings in Hue World Heritage Site.
2. Research and compile a Manual on restoration work in Hue.
3. Upgrading the Chemical Laboratory in order to diversify and enhance HMCC's professional capacity.
4. Courses of study on archaeology and other related fields.
5. Research and restoration of some historic buildings of Hue Monuments Complex
6. Research and reproduction of ancient royal costumes and Court music's instruments.

International partners:

1. Toyota Foundation (Japan)
2. Japan-Trust-Fund
3. Association of Hue's Friends in France
4. Vietnam-U.S Commercial Chamber Fair in Honolulu, Hawaii - U.S
5. Ford Foundation - U.S
6. Global Heritage Fund - U.S
7. American Express Bank and World Monuments Fund - U.S
8. Asian Society  - U.S
9. Smithsonian Institute - U.S
10. Getty Conservation Institute - U.S
11. Deakin University - Australia
12. Waseda University- Japan
13. Nord Pas de Calais Community - France
14. Association des Nouveaux Arts en France (Ms. Collette Bernay)
15. Association of Hue's Friends in Denmark (Mr. Torsten Granov)
16. UNESCO and its representatives in Southeast Asia, Asia and Pacific.
17. ICOM - International Council of Museums
18. ICOMOS - International Council on Monuments and Sites
19. ICCROM - International Centre for the Study of the Preservation and Restoration of Cultural Property.
20. École française d'Extrême-Orient (Mr. Pierre Pichard)
21. Society for Preservation and Restoration of Ancient Gardens and Palaces in Potsdam - Germany
22. The U.S State Library (Mrs. Huyen Ton Nu Lien Huong)
23. Showa University - Japan
24. Politecnica Delle Marche Ancona University - Italy
25. Ename Center For Public Archaeology And Heritage Presentation - Belgium.
26. Korea Department of Cultural Heritage
27. The State Administration of Cultural Heritage - China