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The Conference on "Preservation and Enhancement of the System of Proses and Verses on Hue Royal Architecture”
In the morning of May 09, 2015, at the Sai Gon Morin Hotel-Hue City, Hue Monuments Conservation Centre organized a conference on “Preservation and Enhancement of the System of Proses and Verses on the Royal Architecture, with which many researchers in history, literature and arts, together with administrators in culture could discuss and share experiences in preserving the documentary heritage so that suggestions and orientation on the sustainable development on the values of proses and verses on Hue royal relics could be made, and that the dossier of "System of Proses and Verses on Hue Royal Architecture" could be compiled for the acknowledgement of UNESCO as the World Heritage of Documentation (belonging to UNESCO’s Program of Memory of World).


The system of proses and verses on Hue Royal Architecture included thousands of Chinese character poems, proses and couplets that were directly decorated on the surface the royal relics of Nguyen dynasty with different kinds of materials such as wood,  nacre, enameled bronze,  porcelain, and so on as a unique style of decoration properly in Hue. As the passage of time and the negative impact of time and war Hue still well retains this unique system of proses and verses. As estimated, there remained 2,967 wooden frames of poems that were engraved, gilt, or nacred; 146 wooden frames that were enameled, and 88 other frames of couplets made from  mortar and mosaic of broken porcelain pieces.

The workshop was contributed with 32 reports and articles focusing on the overview, evaluation and suggestion for preservation as well as enhancement of the proses and verses system on Hue royal architecture. This is a good occasion for Thua Thien Hue alike and Hue Monuments Conservation Centre alone to put forth perfect orientations for the preservation of such a special artistic and cultural heritage.

Summarized by Y Nhi
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