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Hung To Mieu Temple

Hung To Mieu Temple was to worship Lord Nguyen Phuc Luan, father of Emperor Gia Long. The Temple was constructed in 1804, at the Southwest corner of Hue Imperial City (at present position) under the name Hoang Khao Mieu Temple. In the second year of Emperor Minh Mang’s reign (1821), the Temple was removed to the North about 50m from its original position for the construction of The Mieu Temple, and was then renamed Hung Mieu Temple.
Hung To Mieu Temple faced the South. It was surrounded with wall and gate system. It followed the double house style, the main hall of which included three appartment and two double lean-tos, the front hall of which consisted of five appartments and two single lean-tos. The altar keeps the holy tablets of Emperor Hung To Hieu Khang and his Empress. Each year, similar to such Temples as Thai Mieu and Hung Mieu, there ceremonies would be taken place five times each year.
During the French war, in February 1947, Hung Mieu Temple was completely burned down. In 1951, Empress Tu Cung and her son-Emperor Bao Dai discussed with the descendant of An Khanh Vuong to buy the frame of his mansion at Kim Long for the replacement of Hung To Mieu Temple right on its former foundation, due to which the worship of Lord Nguyen Phuc Luan and his first lady could be continued there. In 1995, the Temple was again restored, during which it was gilt.