17/02/2023 4:40:42 CH
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The MOU with École Fançaise d'Extrême-Orient of France
In the afternoon of February 16, 2023, at the headquarters of the Hue Monuments Conservation Centre, An MoU signing ceremony between the Hue Monuments Conservation Centre (Centre) and the École Française d'Extrême-Orient (EFEO) was taken took place


EFEO is the French state agency for science, culture and profession under the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research. The organization was established in 1898 to learn the history, relics, and voices of the Indochinese peninsula and neighboring civilizations. EFEO has been working to preserve Vietnam's artistic and archaeological heritage not only through research and inventory works, but also through the construction and management of numerous museums. EFEO has also collected many manuscripts and printed materials, established a rich library and copied thousands of inscriptions of high historical, cultural and artistic value to the peninsula generally and Hue specifically.

The content of MoU between the Centre and EFEO focuses on in-depth research on the preservation of cultural heritages, lending of cultural properties, organization of specialized exhibitions, exchange of experts; sharing documents and images related to the cultural heritage of Hue and that of Nguyen Dynasty; exchanging and cooperating in management, exchange and sharing of materials, and building a digital database on cultural heritages of Hue and Nguyen Dynasty to support the Centre in identifying the origins artifacts and documents related to the research, preservation and promotion of Hue cultural heritage values; and cooperation in publishing joint research works between the two sides, etc.

The agreements in this MoU are not legally binding, and are only for the academic research and exchange as well as the tightening of the friendliness of the two sides.

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