6/16/2023 4:39:40 PM
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Exhibition “Vietnam on the Nine Dynastic Urns”
The exhibition “Vietnam on the Nine Dynastic Urns” is the first emphasis in the important activities of the celebration of 30th anniversary of the Complex of Hue Monuments (1993-2023) and Nha nhac-Vietnamese Court Music (2003-2023) acknowledged as the World Heritages by UNESCO.

The exhibition introduces the 32 typical landscapes nationwide, which were sculptured on each of the nine Dynastic Urns. Images of these 32 landscapes are classified into 09 separate poster clusters of different themes, so that tourists may be able to have a good overview of Vietnamese traditional landscapes in beholding the Nine Dynastic Urns.

The Nine Dynastic Urns had been casted in December 1835, and completed a year later, under Emperor Minh Mang’s reign. In 1837, the nine urns were placed in front of The To Temple as it is seen now.

With special values in terms of culture, history, aesthetics as well as sculpture, the Nine Dynastic Urns were acknowledged as the National Treasure by the Prime Minister in 2012. At present, Hue Monuments Conservation Centre has submitted the Nine Dynastic Urns Dossier to the UNESCO in looking forwards to being honored as the World Documentary Heritage.


Hue Monuments Conservation Centre