3/21/2023 3:47:01 PM
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Đọc bài viết:
The new Ambassador of the Republic of Korea at Hue Imperial City
The representative of Hue Monuments Conservation Centre, Arch. Hoang Viet Trung introduced to the delegation typical restored and reconstructed works such as Kien Trung Hall and Tran Bac Dao Bridge. In addition, the director talked about the Literature on Hue Royal Architecture, projects with Korean in MoU on "Exchange and cooperation in the cultural heritage protection" Ministry of Culture and Information of Vietnam and the General Administration of Cultural Heritage of Korea since 2006, typically the project of restoring the Bienchung and Bienkhanh in the ensemble of Nha Nhac-Vietnamese Court Music.
Ms. Oh Youngju appreciated the good heritage preservation of Hue Monuments Conservation Centre, and  promised to return Hue generally and the Complex of Hue Monuments at the soonest to understand more deeply the tangible as well as intangible heritages of Hue.


Hue Monuments Conservation Centre