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Hue Festival 2024
Hue Festival 2024 is four-season oriented with series of activities taken place all the year round, begun with the Proclamation of Hue Festival 2024 and the rehabilitation of Bansoc-Calendar Delivering on January 1, 2024, and ended with the Countdown on December 31, 2024. The main week of Hue Festival 2024 is as particularly multi-cultural as it has always been considered a trademark.

Spring festival-Ancient Tet (January-March) is highlighted with royal activities, the traditional Tet space, and folk festivals attracting lots of tourists.

Summer Festival – “The Shining Capital” (April-June) is emphasized with the Hue International Art Festival Week 2024, which helps introduce and promote Hue targeting a typical Festival City of Vietnam.

Hue International Art Festival Week 2024 is taken place during June 07-12, 2024, theming “Cultural Heritage with integration and development” is one of a remarkable cultural event nationwide and worldwide of Thua Thien Hue in 2024 with new and special programs of famous artists, both locally and internationally.

The event is to preserve and promote the traditional values, increase the tourist promotion, enhance the impression and stregth of Hue City, and create the premise targetting the Central-governed city in 2025.

Autumn Festival – “Hue in Autumn” (July-September) is focused with the Mid-autumn Festival and Hue Lantern Festival 2024, Street Unicorn Dance, and the enjoy of traditional Mid-Autumn Festival.

Winter Festival- “Hue Winter” (October-December) is started with the Hue International Music Week 2024, and ended with Countdown.

Hue Festival connects a historical Hue and a contemporary Hue to form a future Hue. A “Forever new Hue” is pleased to welcome you with deeper impressions.

Hue Festival Organizing Board