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6. Emperor Hiep Hoa (1883, on the throne for 4 months)

Emperor Hiep Hoa’s real name is Nguyen Phuc Hong Dat, his nickname is Thang. He is the 29th son of Emperor Thieu Tri and Madam Truong Thi Thuan. He was born on September 24th of the lunar year of Dinh Mui (January 1st 1847 solar calendar).

After Emperor Duc Duc was dethroned, Hong Dat was crowned king on July 30th 1883 with the title Hiep Hoa.

Because of his intention of getting familiar with French, Emperor Hiep Hoa was dethroned and poisoned by Hue Court on November 29th 1883 after his short reign.

He was honoured with the title Van Lang Quan Vuong by Emperor Thanh Thai.

Emperor Hiep Hoa had 17 children (11 sons and 6 girls).

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