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Nine Dynastic Urns
Nine Dynastic Urns were cast from 1835 to 1837 under the reign of Minh Mang emperor (1820-1841).

Each urn was decorated with 17 bas-reliefs and named in accordance with the posthumous titles of Nguyen emperors worshipped in The Mieu temple. In general, Nine Urns share the similarity in shape and weight; however, they are diversified in types and decorative patterns that signify the universe, animals, trees, artefacts or toponym. They symbolize the unification of the country as well as the orthodoxy and the lastingness of the dynasty. Date and weight of each urn were carved on its rim. The heaviest urn is about 2.600 kg and the lightest urn is about 1.930 kg in weight.

Nine Dynastic Urns mark the art of bronze casting at its peak in the XIXth century.

In 2012, the Nine Dynastic Urns were recognized as the National Treasures of Vietnam.

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Hue Royal Antiquities Museum
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