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The rehearsal performances for the two theatrical plays "Ngo Quyen" and "Lam Xanh-Xuan Nuong" as the preparation for the competition
In the morning and evening of September 12, after a long time of practice under the supervision of some senior Tuong actors, the artists of Hue Royal Traditional Theatre of Arts (Theatre) belonging to the Hue Monuments Conservation Centre (Centre) did perform the two theatrical plays named "Ngo Quyen" and "Lam Xanh-Xuan Nuong" of the late author Tong Phuoc Pho as the report to the representatives of Vietnam Theatrical Artist Association, those of relevant provincial authorities, Hue culture researchers, the Art Consultancy Council of the Centre together with various audiences. These two plays would be competed with many others in a national competition on excellent pieces of Tuong of late author Tong Phuoc Pho hosted by the Vietname Artist Assocation in the late of September, 2015.

           The People's Artist Bach Hac-the director of the Theatre said with the great concern and approval of the Centre's directorate, artists of the Theatre chose the aboved mentioned plays to join the competition on the excellent plays of late author Tong Phuoc Pho, in which the "Ngo Quyen" was to reflect the contribution of hero Ngo Quyen, who won the victory against the South Han army on Bach Dang river; and the "Lam Xanh-Xuan Nuong" was the story of the mother and daughter-in law. With these two plays, the author wished to drive people to the goodness of life.   As it is known, after being professionally assessed, the artists of the Theatre would keep on adjusting the contents of the plays as well as the performing style so as to be better in joining the competition this late September.

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