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The throne of Nguyen Emperors
The throne of Nguyen Emperors symbolizes the highest monarchic power. It is the last throne in the Vietnamese dynasties that has been kept intact until now. Nguyen emperors’ throne is placed at the most important position of Thai Hoa Hall, where the Great Audience was done twice a month. The throne was made of gilt wood. The gilt parasol sculpted with the dragon pattern is above the throne. The throne was acknowledged as the National Treasure in 2015.

 The royal throne of the Nguyen emperor was placed at the most solemn position in the Thai Hoa palace, where the emperor gave the grand royal audiences twice a month on the first and the 15th days of the lunar month, also held the important court ceremonies (the emperor’s coronation, the birthday anniversary, reception of ambassadors, etc.). The royal throne is made of wood, red lacquered and gilded. Above the throne is a gilded canopy engraved with very lively dragon motif. The brightly gilded and engraved decorations not only bring the magnificent beauty of the royal palace but also show the sophistication of the carving techniques of contemporary artisans. The royal throne of the Nguyen emperor was recognized as the Vietnam National Treasure in 2015.

- 360o view: https://sketchfab.com/models/8deffc5c033547eb93c22a0fa905707d

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