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The restoration of Phu Van Lau Pavilion
In the morning of May 13th 2015, Hue Monuments Conservation Centre (the Centre) cooperating with the Central branch of Institute for Building Science and Technology (IBST) to begin the restoration of Phu Van Pavilion

Phu Van Lau Pavilion is the two-storey wooden construction, the fuctions of which are to announce the important edicts of the Emperor and Nguyen dynasty as well as the to proclaim the examination results organized by the Court. Besides, under the reign of such emperors as Minh Mang, Thieu Tri, Tu Duc, and Khai Dinh, the place was selected to organize the royal festivities, for example the royal birthdays. Located on the main axis and in front of the Flag Tower, Phu Van Lau Pavilion played an important role in the total architecture of Hue Capital City. As a part of the Complex of Hue Monuments, the Pavilion was recognized in 1993 by UNESCO.



            With historical and natural ups and downs, the Phu Van Lau has been collapsed seriously. Specifically, the main wooden components were rotten so that its bearing capacity was decreased, the tile system was broken, and its shape was deformed. In addition, the severely climate such as rain, wind, and storm have caused the collapse of a part of construction in the North-west roof collapsed, especially in May 15th 2014. To reduce that, the wooden frame of the construction has been temporarily propped up by the scaffolding system. Therefore, Phu Van Lau Pavilion was essentially preserved and restored entirely to conserve and enhance the values and gradually restore the Complex of Hue Monuments



   The project starts from May of 2015 to May of 2017 (for720 days approximately) with the total investment of  11,996,000,000 VND. This construction were invested by the Centre, and carried out by the IBST. Accordingly, Phu Van Lau Pavilion will be restored in the form of architecture and decorative under Emperor Khai Dinh’s reign – the nearest historical phase of the Nguyen Dynasty. It includes the restoration of yin-yang roof, curved roof, system of wooden frame, the system of horizontal embroidered hanging, the vertical wooden board of couplet, verandah under Khai Dinh emperor’s reign.


The Phu Van Pavilion after reconstruction

   Project of preservation and Restoration of Phu Van Lau Pavilion shows the strong willingness of the Centre and the authorities of the province to have the original beauty of the construction recovered for the better tourist development.



Translated by Che Le Hien